Every year more young skippers pilot their craft on freshwater lakes and rivers, and on the bays and inlets at the ocean’s edge, to keep pace with the rapid growth of boating, every type of craft may be seen at a marina, the 14-to 18 foot run abouts are the most popular small powerboats, they are wonderful for fishing or for just some excitement in the water, the large one with powerful outboard engines are used for towing water-skiers, but before beginners learn on how to run one of these craft or even go for a ride in a dinghy small rowboat. they should first know the basic rules of safety, specially for themselves, as well as their boats.

Safety rules for young sailors:

  1. First and foremost, learn to swim, if you cannot swim, better be sure to wear a life jacket.
  2. Do not go out, in a boat alone. youngsters should always be accompanied by an adult.
  3. Never ever load your boat, its too risky.
  4. Be calm, and sit quietly when boating, do not ever scuffle while aboard a boat.
  5. Do not change seats, specially when the water is rough and when the boat is in deep water.
  6. Do not ever try to swim ashore from an over-turned boat, even if you are a good swimmer, hold on to the boat and wait for help.
  7. Do not brag, or even scare your companions, it may cause panic.
  8. Dont just try anything, or even dare to go a long way if your just a beginner.
  9. Be aware of some certain rules in boating, signal talk, because not knowing the rules may cause a disaster.
  10. The no.1 rule of the seaway is keep to the right, for instance, when two boats are about to meet head on, each skipper should give one blast on the whistle anf turn the boat to starboard right, be aware of this.
  11. Sometimes people swim from all types of boats, boat should be either moored to a pier or lying at anchor, dont forget to have a boarding ladder placed at one side, so that swimmers can easily climb back.
  12. If in group and will try swimming or diving, someone should always remain on board, ready to throw a life preserver if someone needs help.