FILE - In this Aug. 25, 1993 American pop star Michael Jackson performs during his "Dangerous" tour in Bangkok. Ein New Yorker Bundesrichter hat die Millionenklage eines Konzertveranstalters gegen Michael Jackson abgewiesen. Richter Harold Baer gab am Donnerstag, 19. August 2010, einem entsprechenden Antrag der Nachlassverwalter des verstorbenen Popstars statt. (AP Photo/Jeff Widerner, file) ** zu APD7435 **

American pop superstar Michael Jackson performs during his “Dangerous” tour in Bangkok.


This certain article is a story about superstar Michael Jackson, it’s a true story which pertains to the real character of Michael, the blog is actually from and the writer MDG happens to be an excellent contributor of mensrecreation as long as I can remember.


The Untold Story

This particular article is actually the first ever story that I ever wrote before I entered the blogging world, but unfortunately lost the original and detailed version of it, it was actually about 4-5 pages, and of course I then decided to carry on a relationship niche, on where I’m knowledgeable about and had some trance, and I particularly wanted to reach out and help people instead of some personal stories, but from an advice of my partner, and some constant demand from my family, I decided to re-write this treasure trove once again, as a mark of respect and for a friend, this is actually a relationship that I had last 2006 from an immense pop superstar that we all know as MICHAEL JACKSON.

I used to remember back then, that I used to get invited to open up and share my experience and story about him, even made a small tribute in our community when he died, It all started when I was still in Bahrain, working in a prestigious hotel, when I met this global icon, I was about to go on my evening shift, when I surprisingly receive a call from my boss, asking for my whereabouts, it was already 6:00 in the evening, while I was waiting for our service bus in the town of Gudaibiya when I snag it, I then replied, that I was already on my way.

I hit the hotel at around 6:30, then had another call from my boss, I was in the cafeteria having some quick dinner and preparing for my 7:00 duty that time, that he ask me to come beforehand and quickly, I then ask with such fluster in my mind, but he just told me that we are about to have a very important guest and I need to run and be upstairs in 5 minutes, I scuttled in the hallway and entered behind our outlet, beneath the door, I saw two unfamiliar faces, both I presume are Arabic in origin that are roaming around in the dining area, my boss told me that Michael Jackson is arriving at 9:00 and I was requested to handle the celeb and his family, in a complete shock, I was immediately approached by one of his security personnel and gave me some important details, one is I am not allowed to open up or ask any question, that every topic and conversation should only come from Michael.

Then while waiting at our main entrance at around 8:00 already, I saw a bunch of security personnel’s roaming around the garden near the pool area, seemingly communicating with each other, then I realize that this is really weighty, still with anxiety and awe that I ask a permission to have a very short break, I lit up a cigarette and called up my girlfriend at the back, I still remember what I’ve said to her, that my balls are almost at my neck, I made that call to simply gain composure so that I can stay focus, then went back to my post and waited.

At exactly 8:45 that night Michael with Paris, Joseph, and Prince and with 2 more handful personnel steps at our bridge then heads towards our main entrance, where I was exactly standing, he passes in front of me wearing a traditional Arabic dress called abaya with a diminutive lab where you can see his unblemished pair of boots, then he went straight to the comfort room, accompanied by my colleague.

In her account, she said that Michael didn’t do anything, but just stared at the mirror, after that they all proceed to our private room, which I immediately accompanied them after I snap up the signal, after removing his abaya, he gently smiled then greeted, and then played a minute with the kids, it was that moment that I realize, that what I’m facing is a totally different type of man with a diverse nature, a completely different guy from what we knew, to be honest, I was shaking but hub when I approached him, he looks straight at me and ordered a Jack with Coke, then fruit cocktails for the kids, they were playin and having fun consistently which I critically notice.

In pronto I returned with the beverages, and then Michael surprisingly opened up such different stories and topics, as instructed, I was just only replying by a simple nod, he ask a couple of credulous questions such as, did I ever watch King-Kong, Alien, Back to the future, and Avatar…honestly at that moment, I became really interested and comfortable with him since such matters are my interest as well, the kids were just playin when Michael stood up and perform a solo concert for me, well actually he just sang, but for me it’s almost like a free performance that I’m watching solo, he sang Private Dancer by Tina Turner, Heal the world and a couple of songs that I’m not familiar with, I was really in shock to hear Michael…live.

After their meal where they had a Sweet and sour chicken and some rolls, he impelled a few problems about his life in the country, since that time he was just about to be sued by Shaikh Abdullah for reneging a contract, where the good prince had already spend a fortune, I am not that familiar with the soon to be case, but I was just patiently listening to him, then after the issue, he started to roam around while playing with the kids, I remember how he asks me about a kids chopsticks, on how it works, I came near and taught him, had a chance to hold his risk, as well as the kids.

I began to observe the King of pop, where suddenly I realize that there is a child trap inside a stellar, what I simply mean is, he is almost like a 9-year-old kid in a body of a super genius adult, ingenuity for me, because of his wide contribution to the industry and the fashion world.

We started to chat about places, and different types of people but I was so surprised when he ask me about myself, my family and my hobbies, he seems to be so interested, gradually I felt how humble he is, despite his huge stardom and big deal status, Michael opened up and shared a certain place in Italy, which, unfortunately, I’m not familiar with, he told me about his plan of buying some properties over there, hours of chatting and fun memorably crop up that time, I was not expecting that it will just turn out to be almost like talking to a close childhood friend of mine, it was already late, that suddenly the smaller security personnel walks in and gave Michael some sort of a signal, Michael was just talkin about a certain society that time, but ill rather keep it classified.

It was already past 11 when they stood up and get ready to catch home, I escorted them to the parking area where a shining white vehicle is waiting, park in front of our convention center, I was surrounded with huge securities when Michael hugs me and promise to return, the kids were so lovely as well, the smaller security guy handshakes and shared gratitude.

When I got home at my flat at nearly 1 in the morning, I made an overseas call to my mom, for she’s really a huge fan of Michael, that I used to recall back during the eighties where we had a bunch of MJ cassette tapes that my dad bought as a collection, honestly we draw on to be a big fanatic of him in those years, but when we grew up, we then appreciated a much heavier type of music, but I won’t deny of being a whooping fan of him as a person, since I saw kindness and felt appreciated as equal, indeed he is exact and precise in every message of his songs.

He is just like a kid, if you could just ever imagine and see on how he dwells with his children’s, almost like a mother since not their biological father perhaps, but acted almost like a lovable mom in taking care of them, in my opinion I guess, this is why some had probably concluded that Michael is homosexual, I’m not here to judge a super-eminent guy, but just being honest from what I saw, but I really admire on how he treated them.

Michael came back after about 5 days, I was in a popular coffee shop in Jufair when I got the call, we met once again, but this time he became more open and at ease, he gave me an Arabic perfume, to be honest the perfume was too strong, but it is still with me until now, kept as a souvenir, he open up some situation when he was a kid, he told me some stories about Chaplin and many more, honestly he is just really fun to be with, when you are with him, I should say that he is not the Michael Jackson that we are expecting, you’ll be surprise.

I used to notice that Michael keeps on snapping, doesn’t dance, but often sings, I really don’t know but I often hear Private dancer almost every time, for months Michael and his family comes regularly, I used to miss them sometimes, for the way they treat ordinary people like me and how they runs as a family, people say that he is weird and sometimes freak, but I would say not, for he is just like kid, playful and full of imagination, but basically because of such traits, that some people sift-out to judge him, which should not be the case.

When I heard the news of his death, I became really gloomy, came to think about his kids, and his personal vision for all of us, actually there are some certain rumors in the net, that Michael is still very much alive today, to be honest my subconscious tells me that he is, well this is not a declaration, but wherever he is right now, I know that he is in peace already, undoubtedly all of us thinks that Michael can accomplish and have anything that he would want in this world, but unfortunately he doesn’t have the liberty like most of us are enjoying, he chooses the country of Bahrain as a sanctuary and as a margin of freedom but unhappily end up dark in the end, but we can hardly blame anyone, even him.

Lastly, this article serves as a way of thanking him and his family, not really sure on how it could probably reach him, but who knows, seems unreal but I’m just marveling like him, cause he might unexpectedly patch us with a simple comment one day…here at