Jordan with his eyes closed.


Shooting a perfect basketball is an essential part of the game and it requires excellent mechanics to execute it well, unfortunately there are a lot of people giving bad advice online, when I was in high school, I used to hear a coach sayin that you need to keep the ball straight from the center of your head then use 2 hands, a couple of mistakes that we can’t avoid because we are just tryin to learned that time, wrong doings that we’ve develop in our younger years, that’s why you will often hear that basketball is truly scientific, a lot of players doesn’t put that in mind, and depends on such skills alone, but without proper strategy, you will shoot a low percentage and end up missing those shots.

Below are important tips regarding shooting tactics.

  1. Hold the ball in your hand In order to have proper control of the ball, hold it properly with one hand, the other palm or hand should not purge any force while taking the shot, but just on the side of the ball only to assist in aiming.
  2. Start small, end tall, at the start of your shot you should be small, your legs bent as if you were sitting (this is where your power comes from). Then as you continue through your shooting motion you are springing up, ending with your body straight and your hands high in the air, ending tall. (Starting your shot standing up straight is a huge mistake, that really hurts your shooting percentage. You need your legs to get the ball up, especially in a game when you are tired, don’t make your arms do all the work, a friend of mine named Mark who happens to be a perfect 3 point shooter, once told me that everything will depend on your legs.
  3. Sniping at the Middle, Your elbow should be in, pointing to the middle of the rim. The same goes for your middle finger on the follow through, your shot should finish as if you were dipping your hand into the rim, used that as a target range.
  4. Snap the elbow, As you reach the peak of your shot your arm should straighten out in such a motion that your elbow snaps back a little (this may feel weird at the first time, the most common mistake for beginners is not stretching their full arm.
  5. Elbow above your eyes, the moment you release, your elbow should be above your eyes. Many players learn to push their arm out towards the basket in order to get enough distance on the ball, this results in many blocked shots and a low percentage, Fix this by practicing close shots with one hand and starting low to make sure you get power from your legs, this is very important.

  6. Follow through, you should always follow through, your arm finishing straight, your wrist loose and your fingers hanging down. Your fingers should be naturally hanging, not tight together or pointing.
  7. Hold your follow through, by holding your follow through you are ingraining it into your muscle memory, making your mechanics come naturally without conscious thought.
  8. Feel your action, every good shooter had developed a certain feel when they execute an actual shot, that’s why you often see Jordan or Kobe with some sort of expression.
  9. Grab it from within, is probably the most important traits of a deadly shooter, that’s why that even you constantly practice, you can’t beat a much smaller guy in your neighborhood sometimes, the reason is their dedication and their will to shoot.

In basketball, everyone watches the last 2 minutes of the game, not only to know who’s gonna win, but for some basketball enthusiast, they’re waiting for the go to player, who will have the guts to execute the last shot, and it is not normally the best player of the team, but the player who have a huge heart, and undoubting faith in his or her ability.