For the individual player, success in basketball depends on the ability to perform certain basic skills, coaches call these the fundamentals of the game, young players should focus and concentrate on learning the fundamentals, even experienced players should practice them often, and the most imortant fundamentals that we should aquire are:

good footwork is a very important aspect of basketball, balance, speed, quick changes of direction, and the ability to stop and go suddenly give any player of such advantage, to be in a position to move fast, stand with one foot slightly forward, bend your knees slightly, and your shoulders a bit forward, hold your arms out a little, with the fingers spread, when you start to run, use your rear foot as a spring, take short steps, to move the side of rear, pivot on the back foot, use the front foot to guide you in whatever direction you want to be.

Dribbling, basically it should be done in 1 hand, any player should be able to dribble with the right or the left hand, always keep your head up while dribbling, so you can be very alert and aware of whom to pass the ball, when you are unguarded and dribbling the ball down court, use the high or normal way of dribbling, lean a little forward, and bend your knees slightly, the hand that controls the ball should have a wide spread of fingers, the other hand is for balancing purposes, ball must be about waist line, if a defender is quite near, use a lower type of dribbling, and use your body to protect the ball, when you are crouching keep the ball closer to the floor.

the fastest way to get the ball down court is by means of passing, passing is the key ingredient in offensive plays, there are several different kinds of passes, but it is always best to use the simplest pass to complete the play, Chest pass, is the most widely used for short, quick throws, Bounce pass, is so effective when your defender keeps his or her hands in the air, when you see that your receiver is widely clear, bend your back knee almost to a kneeling position, straighten your arms, and flip the ball downward on a single bounce towards your receiver.

Shooting, no such skills are more vital than scoring for the basket, in trying to make a basket, a player can decide any different kinds of shots, but always choose the easiest way for any situation, always maintain a good balance, concentrate on the rim and if possible do not ever rush to execute, one of the easiest shot by an experienced player is the lay-up, dribbling the ball, stride hard toward the basket and jump off one foot in the air, lay the ball gently off the backboard and into the hoop, when you take a lay-up, push off the floor with the foot opposite your shooting hand, from either side of the basklet, the dunk, it is the most spectacular shot in basketball, the player leaps high in the air, bringing the ball well above the rim.

A good offense will surely win a game, but a good defense will bring a team to the championship.

Defense, guarding an opponent well requires as much concentration, and basketball knowledge, always know where the ball is and always know where your oponent is, observe your oponents habits and capabilities, be aware if his capable of long shots, or if he can dribbles well with either hands, also be aware and alert for teammates who needs defensive assistance, most of all work hard and do the hustle.

When youre on defense, always keep your knees bent, in guarding spread your feet with one slightly in front, if your left foot is forward, hold your left arm head high with fingers spread, hold out your right arm to the side, between knee and hip, when your opponent has the ball, stand and stay in front, move your arms constantly, and your objective should be, block a shot and block any pass.