Packing for a holiday is totally exciting but for some, it’s a nightmare, although many of us love to travel and be on holiday, but very few of us loves to pack things, we all have the tendency to just dump everything in the suitcase without any thought, especially when it’s a rush, but did you ever come across and think that you’ve might fit much more in, if you actually folded up your clothes and arrange your things properly,

But there’s a bigger problem despite our weariness in packing, that after the basic stuffing of the suitcase is completely done, we then move to the second stage of the whole process, which will make us looney, overweight, that we can be held for excess baggage and pay some extra money.

An economical way of packing should ideally mean that when you return from a sensational holiday, everything has been maximized well, every clothes are used and considerable, so here are some valuable tips to lessen your packing problems.

Be aware of your destination,
do some personal research and the culture of the place where your heading, a friend of mine named Jay bought a new windbreaker when he went to Singapore, unfortunately, the weather was 35.7 degrees C it was May that time, and you know that 2 windbreakers will surely make our suitcase tighter.

Write a list, always write a packing list, take note of this, and if it’s not on your important list, just don’t include it, when packing, always go lighter, and carry just a few items that can be adapted to produce a variety of outfits, making a list will initially help you remember what you have brought, cause imagine attending a formal dinner in a luxurious hotel in France and you forgot your favorite tie at home, well that’s fine, but what if you accidentally left your newly bought pair of shoes in the hotel closet and suddenly recall it, when your already at the immigration lane.

Don’t put everything and leave some space,
think seriously if you really need such items, don’t ever bring your Jordan collection if you’re planning to buy a pair in Korea, or your set of wardrobe if you’ll gonna pick up one in Dubai, be aware that most destination is known for their fantastic shopping haven.

Don’t just dumped and throw in your clothes, when packing your duds, you don’t need to fold it individually, as you would in a dresser, cause if you do, they will cockle when compressed, when its jump pack, it’s not a good idea, I used to roll some of it when I travel.

Rolling to the deep, backpackers swear by this method, but be aware that it doesn’t work every time, rolling procedure works well with trousers, shirts and skirts, lay the item facing downward, fold the sleeves then roll from the bottom up.

Be sure that you have anything that will validate that the suitcase is yours, or at least keep the list with you, you can make use of it for some unexpected incident.