Maldives officially Republic of Maldives, is considered to be the most breath taking sight on earth by many, almost 1,200 islands lie scattered across the turquoise waters of the Indian ocean, fringed by sandy beaches and amazing coral reefs, vivid with rainbow hued fish, these islands are havens of peace and restfulness.

Maldives offers some of the most finest vacation experience in the world or probably you could ever had, here limpid lagoons, swaying coconut palms, amazing sandy beaches, extensive reefs, and the leisurely Maldivian way of life, Maldives is one of the few places on earth where state of euphoria can be achieved without merely doing anything, its a paradise so to speak.

With typically just one certain resort to a island, each is a world in itself ranging from the luxurious, to the pleasantly informal, from peace to intimacy, mostly provide a wide range of water sports facilities, which includes extreme diving, excellent snorkeling, all of which have their own place, restaurants, and open- air bars where you can still enjoy the perfect scenery, live entertainments, music, compliment the natural simplicity of the amazing surroundings, perfect accommodations are on beach-side chalets, or small houses perfectly build over the sea, most restaurants serves both local and international cuisine, and of course, wide selection of seafood are in abundance.

Maldives has also a fine selection of fresh tropical fruits, especially coconuts, bananas, mangoes, and many more, transferring from one island are a wonderful treat by yourself, those islands that are near can be reached by speedboat, from which you can catch a glimpse of flying fish and dolphins.

Islands that are a little far away can be reached by a seaplane ride, which also offers stupendous aerial views over the isle and the beautiful Indian ocean.

Maldives offers some of the best diving experience in the world, with the range of sites for both beginners and professionals, to enjoy the underwater surprise.

All resorts available in Maldives have professionally-run diving schools, with different courses catering various clients, from novices to those seeking night dive and open water qualifications, different language instructions are certainly available, for those who prefer to explore the fascinating underwater world just by donning a mask and a pair of flippers, snorkeling in the lagoons are enjoyable, safe and easy.

Sightseeing in the pure white sandy beaches of Maldives, and brightly colored coral reefs, is extremely a remarkable experience, family activities are popular in this hideaway, children clubs are available which also offers wonderful playgrounds, diving introductions, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, water games and many more water activities.

Shopping is also available in most places in Maldives, wooden handicrafts, coir products, local coconut sweets, and other unique products are very much in displays, people in Maldives are very friendly and neighborly.

These idyllic hideaway is a perfect place for honeymoon, its hard to beat the romance of the unique tranquil waters, beautiful sunset and dining alfresco underneath a canopy of stars on your own patch of island paradise, surely a a perfect place for lovers, lastly if you want to be entertain, and certainly loves music, chilling and jammin well Maldives offers one of the best live entertainments from local bands, dancers, performers outdoor discotheques, on the beach, you can also jam with the bands if you desire, or dance on the pool area.

Party and dinner are always cool with theme nights, including beach barbecue, lavish seafood buffet, and different international dishes, world renowned chefs and cook are commonly present in every outlet, Maldives offers almost everything to make your experience memorable with your family and love ones.